Telling Stories at Speak Easy

For the first time at Speak Easy, we went off-script — literally — and had our speakers tell stories from the heart with nothing written to fall back on. It was Speak Easy: Stories without a Net held on Sunday March 10 at Cheshire, and if the response form our sold-put audience was an indicator it was a huge success. There were stories of overcoming personal struggles, surviving death, chasing down bad guys, long distant relationships that weren’t what they seemed, and more.

Storytelling goes back to a time long before the written word, and it’s an art that we want to encourage and promote. After this recent show, we know we’ll be hosting another storytelling event in the future.

Next Up: We’re back to our usual format on April 14 with nine readers sharing their short works for prose and poetry. Come check it out! Get your tickets here.

Line up for Speak Easy No. 27, Sunday 3/10/2019 at Cheshire:

Fight or Flight — Scott Seifritz
Living at Home — Chen-Eddy Wang
The Second to Worst Date, Like, Ever — Evvy Fanning
Laid to Rest — Stacey Freed
The Ostkurve — Robert Shelton
The Impact — Abby Adair Reinhard
Hello New York Princess…The Man Who Faked His Own Death on Me — Ms. Donnell Adler
Old Lady Emma — Rick Merritt

Special thanks to Martin Petrella for Photography!